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Community Resilience Hub - Kansas Wesleyan University

The Community Resilience Hub at Kansas Wesleyan University works to establish resources and provide support, research and education that will lead to a more stable, secure and equitable ecosystem in Salina, the state of Kansas, and beyond.

In our first phase, education, action and advocacy are focused on regenerative organic agriculture. The CRH will:

  • train the next generation of farmers
  • develop food security initiatives to expand food access
  • assist farmers in the transition to regenerative farming
  • lead research on regenerative farming
  • host discussions to build environmental literacy and increase overall understanding of resilience and how to achieve it

Our work on food systems includes supporting local communities with fresh produce through the Central Kansas Food Corridor project. The mission of the CRH will evolve to include energy, water and waste management. Check out our CRH Three-Year Plan.

Partnership and collaboration are integral to our mission. Our partnership with JRI Hospitality and Ingermanson Farms has provided 600 acres of land for research and hands-on learning at Quail Creek Family Farms; a regenerative organic farm, in Salina, Kansas.

The Rodale Institute, a nonprofit that started the regenerative organic farming movement and has been a global leader in groundbreaking science and direct farmer support programs for 75 years, is partnering with the Community Resilience Hub at Kansas Wesleyan University in innovative and exciting ways. Rodale will provide regional farmer training and support, as well as programming for students, that includes research, educational opportunities and farm practices unique to the Central Plains.

The CRH is a key partner in a USDA grant through the Kansas Rural Center. CRH staff is managing the operations of a new local food corridor that will create a network of farmers markets along Interstate 135. The program expands fresh food access to rural areas from Wichita to Salina.

Convening, connecting and conversing are also valuable to our mission. The CRH hosts events throughout the year, including civil discourse training, and participates in local, regional and statewide advocacy for healthier communities.

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